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Timeless Hearts Series

Timeless Outlaw

For some people love is within arms-length. But for others, it’s eras away.

Jesse Landers is a protector at heart. When tragedy strikes close to home, he promises to avenge the person responsible for the disappearance of someone he loves dearly. However, he soon realizes revenge comes at a high price. When his destructive life catches up to him, his only escape may be through time.

Doctor Abagail Simmons is dealing with her own loss and must somehow, muster up the strength and courage to fulfill her father’s last wishes. Things are quickly spiraling out of control when a peculiar stranger shows up and seemingly, makes things better, until he reveals his truth.

When two strangers are brought together under unlikely circumstances, will love be forth coming? Or, could undisclosed facts claim their happy ever after?

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Timeless Honor

Emma-Jean Aldridge knows better than anyone that life isn’t always easy. The loss of her parents has left her with no money and no family. Yet, she’s determined to make her dreams a reality, even if the world she currently lives in may not be ready.

Austin McNeil is on the verge of losing his ranch and family business. Being a marine was hard, but life as a civilian can be even more challenging, especially as a single parent. And if that isn’t enough, someone is set on ruining him.

Can two people from different times, searching for answers to their individual problems find solutions within each other? Or, will a promise made steal their chance at happiness, leaving all involved brokenhearted?

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Catica Island Inspired Romance Stories


Evia’s not yet figured out how to move on after the devastation she’s experienced, including the loss of her fiancé.

Adair has suffered his own loss, and with a 5-year-old daughter, has no time for relationships.

Mutually, they believe true love only comes around once in a lifetime and has concluded they’ve had their shot. But, when their paths cross, the intervention of fate will cause them to reevaluate their lives, offering them a second chance at love.

With the threats turning into something more, can their relationship survive or will harmful intentions put an end to their love story midway, ruining their fairytale ending?

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All Janessa had to do was love him and that wasn’t supposed to be hard—until it was. When she finally decides to make a change, a freak accident leaves her with no memory and at the mercy of a stranger. But can he be trusted?

Shane was seeking vengeance until he found something else. Now, he’s forced to choose between saving one life or avenging another. However, there may be another way if he’s willing to play both sides. But will he be prepared to pay the cost if he’s caught?

As two strangers get closer, a seemingly unbroken bond is formed. And when truths are revealed, they find themselves not only fighting for their relationship but also their lives.

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